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Move Valby


Creative dance for kids 4-5 years


MGP Dance kids 6-7 years old

All levels

All levels

Move Valby Dance Studio:

Valby Langade 178


Move Valby



Improver/Intermediate level 1


LATIN Couple Dance


Beginner Level 1

Beginner levels

Move Valby Dance Studio:

Valby Langade 178


Move Østebro


MGP Dance kids 5-7 years old

All levels


LATIN STYLE kids 8-11 years old

Beginner level



Improver/Intermediate level 1




All levels

Move Østebro Dance Studio:

Vennemindevej 39, 2100 København

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* We are doing only workshops at the events or private classes

Salsa is a couple dance, based on improvisation and interaction, based on the basic elements and the principle of leading-following. It's also a cheerful and active people, travel, festivals, new emotions and movements.

There are many styles of salsa (Cuban style, New York style, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico style). In our dancing school we teach the most popular styles of salsa in Europe, which is danced all over the world:

the style of Los Angeles (on1) and New York (salsa on2).

Why should you go to salsa classes?

First of all, salsa is a social dance, it can be danced anywhere in the world with any partner. Social dances are designed for pleasure, rest and communication, exchange of positive emotions.

There are absolutely no age restrictions.

You do not need to have any  dance experience or physical training. Everyone can learn this dance. The main thing is desire and a little patience.

As we already mentioned, salsa is a social dance. Therefore, it is provided with a new, fascinating, unique, exciting circle of acquaintances. And new acquaintances are always new emotions.

Salsa is also a great way to develop your coordination, improve your physical form, increase self-esteem, and a new way of expressing yourself.

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   ✦  SALSA  LADY STYLING AND SHOW GROUP (salsa on2 or bachata) ✦   



This group will be good for you:

✪ If you are dancing salsa cross-body and want to have a new experience

✪ If you want to increase your dancing level, and want to have lessons with more slow tempo, than performance team

✪ You are not ready for the fast tempo and difficult tricks in performance team, you want to have more explanation of basic movements


You will get so much joy and inspiration from dancing with this strong and advance team, you will get real challenge, you will learn the most difficult part with choreography. You will get a possibility to perform at the salsa events and international congresses in Europe.

This group will be good for you:

✪ You dancing salsa on2 on high level and want to improve your style

✪ You have a performance experience

✪ If you want to learn fast and have a challenge

✪ If you want to grow as a dancer and performer

✪ If you want to dance in a team

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Sensual bachata and bachata fusion

* We are doing only workshops at the events or private classes

Bachata is a dance that is danced in a couple, very sensual, intimate and romantic. The country of origin of the dance of bachata is the Republic of Dominican Republic, and at the present time modern variations of bachata have become very popular in Europe.

The main trump card of the romantic and gentle Latin American dance is bachata - its simplicity and ease of mastering the steps. Bachata is a dance that can be performed with any partner, even you are not familiar with it. The main thing is to know the basic steps and figures.

If you decide to master the dance of bachata, the training will be easy. The basic steps in it alternate with simple twists and movements around the room, and as the master dance pattern is mastered in every possible way, they are decorated with wave-like movements in the body, rhythmic rocking of the hips, deliberate tightening of some movements, head movements (depending on the melody).

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This class will be good for all levels, ages and genders. It will help you to improve your flexibility, to feel yourself more light, to learn how to breath correct, how to control your body and relax your muscles. It is very good for all style dancers, your moves will be more amplitude and you will be able to add more new moves, for example splits or bridges, to your choreo.

If you are not a dancer, but you train at the gym or playing football it will be also very good for you. If you feel that your body is tired after seating in the office or you have a job where you should stand a lot or lift heavy things, your body will say: "Thank you!" after stretching class.

You think it is impossible to be bendy for you? Come and train with us, our trainer have a big experience with not flexible from the nature people, but with correct exercises all will have progress!

Or maybe you are already have your splits? Let's work on minus splits and new beautiful shapes!

✦ What to wear: use comfortable sport clothes, and it should be something what will help you to keep warm (leg warmers, sport belt for back warm up are very welcome).

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This type of training is the most effective, because with this approach to learning you can get 100% of the teacher's attention. You can master the movement at your own pace, not adjusting to the whole group. Many in such lessons feel more free, and this also helps to achieve good results faster. Individual dance classes are becoming increasingly popular, often due to the fact that people can not always adjust their busy schedule to the schedule of group classes at the dance school. On individual dance lessons, the teacher can, for a short period of time, compile a personal program taking into account the ultimate goal, physical data and the current level of training. No minute of time in this lesson will not be lost in vain, because the teacher will not need to teach the whole group, turning his attention one by one, then the other person.

Individual dance lessons give a unique opportunity to focus on the right moments of the dance, to work out complex elements well, not to miss the mistakes in performance and correct them in time. A personal approach allows you to engage in, focusing on individual characteristics. This significantly accelerates the learning process and contributes to the formation of its own unique style of performance.

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Including five dances:


Cha Cha Cha




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