Anna Kron


Anna Kron

Teaching Skills

Anna has experience with the following age-groups in Copenhagen:

- Kids: 2-4 years old (kids dancing and playing)

- Kids: 5-7 years old (ballroom dancing, bachata, show dance)

- Juniors: 8-14 years old (ballroom dancing, salsa, boogaloo, modern mambo, bachata)

- Adults Ladies: solo ladies ( salsa and bachata lady styling, ballroom dancing,  Latin)

- Adults Couples:  couples (salsa, bachata, ballroom dancing)

Dance Education

Anna compleated one-year  education with specialisation "Teacher-Choreographer"

And she still continue to study after the education in different  courses, congresses and festivals.

Karel Flores Denmark

From January 2017 Anna Kron becomes director of the first Karel Flores performance group in Denmark.

Karel Flores considered to be one of the top salsa dancer and choreographer in the world. And it is a big pleasure to represent Karel Flores here in Copenhagen.

Karel Flores show group is the top-level salsa show group in Denmark.

It was maded several seasons and some of great shows: "Rocksteady", "Tiene Sabor", "Kiss" and "Tribute"  And we are looking forward to make much more!


Dance instructor in AK Dance

Anna was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. She started her dance activity from rhytmikal dance in a musical school and after with a little bit of modern dance, and then continued into ballroom dancing. She started dancing salsa in 2007 and 6 years later Anna started teaching in Minsk: salsa, bachata, zouk and lady styling.

Anna has participated and performed in numerous salsa, bachata and zouk festivals in Europe. She performed in the show «Evolution» in 2012-2019 at Berlin Salsa Congress, and was the choreographer for, and a performer in, Stargate Shows 2013-2022. 

She is taught by some of the world's best teachers such as Professional Latin World Champions  Martino Zanibellato and Michelle Abildtrup.

Anna was part of   the Latin Ballroom Program in Copenhagen, which trains dancers  at sports level for competitions.  Her and  her dance partner took part in competitions in Denmark as well as all over Europe.

Coorperation with a Salsa Pioner

From March 2015 Anna has cooperated with Salsa Legend Luis Vazques, who is one of the inventors of Salsa LA style.

Every season Anna collaborates with Luis Vazques to teach Salsa on 1 at his dancing school,  "Love Dance Academy",  in Malmö, where she also teaches Lady Styling .

Sport Dancing Achievements

Anna has been a finalist of numerous Ballroom Latin competitions.

1st place

"Memfis cup"  Minsk 2010.

2nd place

“Republic primacy competition” Minsk 2013.

3rd place

"Golden of the capital" Minsk 2013.

4th place

“Efterårs Grand Prix” Copenhagen 2015,

category “youth & adults Star” .

6th place

"2. Rangliste Latin" Horsens 2016

category “sport Latin adults”.

And many other competitions.

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