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Anna Kazarez

Minsk, Belarus

 Dear Anechka))) Thanks a lot for your amazing salsa classes<3 They always had so much CATlike grace, LOVE to dance, LOVE to movement, HUMAM warmth, professional and associative explanation and FIERY execution and so we become BETTER - BETTER understanding music, dance and our body. Thank you for your time, when we returned at home together after class - your eyses always sparkled and posture always smooth, our conversation was always very motivating and delightful!!!!

Your Dancing student)

Aleksey and Tatjana


Brest, Belarus

Teachers and performers,

Owners of salsa school "Face2Face"

Anna is a talented, energetic and passionate dancer and a very friendly person. We were lucky to have her with classes and performances on our little festival in Brest.

Especially we loved her classes of salsa lady styling and acrobatics.

Anna is also known as a good ballroom dancer with a great experience.

We would be happy to invite her again and again.

Evgenia Melnikova

Minsk, Belarus

Dear Anna! Thank you so much for individual classes on Salsa Lady Style in Minsk!

You enjoy dancing and everyone feels it! I am happy you teached me and shared your professionalism!!! Come to Minsk again and good luck with new students in COPENHAGEN !!!!

Jenya / Minsk

Olga Sak

Minsk, Belarus

Anna, You will be a true asset to Copenhagen! I admire you Lady Styling classes as well as your and bachata sessions. Hope your new students will enjoy and appreciate working with you as much as we all did! Good luck at your new school.

Yana Shevchenko

Copenhagen, Denmark

Right at the moment when I got the idea of taking some dancing classes, I met Anna. I didn’t dance for years, it was the first time for my boyfriend, and we loved it! We learned all the basics of salsa with such great teachers as Anna and Anders.

The atmosphere in class was amazing, it felt like being with friends you’ve known forever.

Anna and Anders paid close attention to every student, so we all were constantly improving. It was relaxed and joyful. Thank you!

Evgeniy Terzhevik

Lviv,  Ukraine

Founder and owner of studio

"Salsa Adrenalina"

Nice to see that such a professional, like you, Anna, lights hearts of the students with love to dance. They have an excellent teacher and an example of how to work on themselves to achieve great results. Good luck to your school!

Olga Rabtseva

Minsk, Belarus

I had a few lessons on women's salsa style in 2014 in Belarus. Anna is wonderful teacher. Lessons were fun, interesting and very helpful


Ailsa Croy

Copenhagen, Denmark

I had a really great first class with Anna last week and look forward to joining the lessons in the new year. Definitely recommended!

Dmitri Sergejenkov

Copenhagen, Denmark

For berinners it is very nice and understandable. And  explanations are clear.

Hassan Sefiddashti

Copengagen , Denmark

Very good and friendly. I enjoing and learn a lot! I hope  to participate again in the class. Teachers was very kind!

Shivani K.

Copenhagen, Denmark

It was very good. Anna is an amazing dancer!


Copenhagen, Denmark

Overall    positive with the  experience. Looking forward:-)


Copengagen , Denmark

That was nice. And with free lesson. Nice with the show-dance of you both.


Copenhagen, Denmark

The level was  appropiate. You could see your passion/joy for the dance...

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