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Detailed explanation of choreography,

attention to the details

for understanding

Karel Flores style

Choreography from one of the best world famous choreographer Karel Flores, considered to be one of the top female salsa on2 dancers in the world.

Pleasant conditions of learning, you can choose, which level or time schedule fits you best.

Great location, only 4 min walk from the metro station Vanløse.

     Instructor: Anna Kron

Anna  started dancing Modern Dance and then continued into Ballroom Dancing. She began dancing Salsa and Bachata in 2007 and 6 years later  started teaching Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Lady Styling.

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Bachata Lady Styling

Intermediate/Advanced level

Anna Kron

Place will be confirmed soon

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You can sign up only until January 2020*

* You can participate in this project only from January, it will be not possible to have a drop-in class, since we will start the choreography and it we will continue with it until the end of the project.

You can choose between 2 groups according to the level :


NEW  4nd season fromJanuary 2020



You will get so much joy and inspiration from dancing with this strong and advance team, you will get real challenge, you will learn the most difficult part with choreography, learn new tricks. You will get a possibility to perform at the salsa events and international congresses in Europe.

This group is will be good for you:

✪ You dancing salsa on2 on high level and want to improve your style

✪ You have a performance experience

✪ If you want to learn fast and have a challenge

✪ If you want to grow as a dancer and performer

✪ If you want to perform with Karel Flores at the same stage at the world salsa congresses and represent her team in Denmark


Wednesdays 18.00-19.20

Write the message to for getting an information about prices and get a video example of our new choreography.

Join us,  we have limited spots!

If you interested to have the chance to be part of this amazing team, write on e-mail with subject "Karel Flores team Cph".

Video with Karel Flores World:



You will get inspiration from this amazing choreography, which made by the genius  world famous salsa dancer Karel Flores. The new routine consists from pleasant arm styling moments. Everyone can find a place in this choreography, where all the dancers will looks good, no matter which level and abilities the dancers have, plus some parts can be used in social dancing. After some month we will use one peace of the choreography for performance. When the students will be ready we can make our formations together with the performance team, which will be dancing the main part.

This group will be good for you:

✪ If you are dancing salsa cross-body and want to have a new experience

✪ If you want to increase your dancing level, and want to have lessons with more slow tempo  than performance team

✪ You are not sure, if you ready to perform in the whole show, but you want to try

✪ You are not ready for the fast tempo and difficult tricks in performance team, you want to have more explanation of basic movements



Mondays 18.00-19.00

Write the message to for getting an information about prices and get a video example of our new choreography.



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