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Salsa Lady Styling


Level – improver, intermediate, advanced


What to expect from Lady Styling lessons:

1. You will get a detailed explanation of the technique behind female salsa movements.

2. You will learn how to look feminine and sophisticated.

3. You will develop and improve your own style.

4. You will improve you musicality.

     Instructor: Anna Kron

Anna was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. She started dancing Modern Dance and then continued into Ballroom Dancing. She began dancing Salsa in 2007 and 6 years later  started teaching Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Lady Styling.

Salsa Lady Style Malmo 

Anna Kron

Aleksey and Tatjana


Teachers and performers

"Face2Face School"

Anna is a talented, energetic and passionate dancer and a very friendly person. We were lucky to have her with classes and performances on our little festival in Brest.

Especially we loved her classes of salsa lady styling and acrobatics.

Anna is also known as a good ballroom dancer with a great experience.

We would be happy to invite her again and again.

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SALSA Musicality

Anna Kron


Belarus, Minsk

Dear Anna, You will be a true asset to Copenhagen! I admire you Lady Styling classes as well as your and bachata sessions. Hope your new students will enjoy and appreciate working with you as much as we all did!

Nice conditions of learning. You can choose, which  dance style or level  fits you best.

Detailed technique explanation at our classes, attention to the details

We have a very cozy lessons, and students get always a feedback, how they can improve more and grow as a dancer and performer!

Great location for dancing studio, only 4 min walk from the metro station and s-train Vanløse.

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