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Dance classes are not only about posture and health of your child,

but also his development.

Age groups:

⭐  4-5 years old

⭐  6-7 years old

⭐  8-10 years old

⭐  10-15 years old

 Dance classes include:

⭐  Dance Technique

⭐  Rhythm

⭐  Coordination exercises

⭐  Development of concentration skills

⭐  Improvisation / acting

⭐  Stretching

⭐  Parterre gymnastics

* Time and day can be agreed depending on the wishes of the group

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Learning objectives for children 3-6 years old


- to form the skill of focusing attention

- involving the child in the process through play

- instill in the child an interest in the dance process

- formation of creative skills and abilities

- coordination of movements

- the ability to navigate in space

- develop rhythm, the ability to hear music

- social adaptation of children.

🎓 Developing

- health promotion, physical development;

- psychological liberation of students;

- aesthetic development of children;

- development of emotional responsiveness, memory;

- relief of embarrassment using playful methods

- to form imagination, the ability to improvise development of imagination.

🎓 What's included in toddler activities?

- Dance technique and performance - we study the basics of dance disciplines and prepare a dance combination for a performance.

- Rhythm - learning to listen to music.

- Improvisation / acting - we develop imagination and imaginative thinking.

- Coordination - learning different exercises

- Stretching - playful stretching exercises.

- Parterre gymnastics - exercises for the development of physical abilities

- Developing the skill of concentration is undoubtedly an important skill for a child, necessary for learning.

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* Time and day can be agreed depending on the wishes of the group

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Children who go in for dancing, achieve greater academic success than their peers, and also outstrip them in general development. Dance helps to form the child's initial logical representations, trains the skills of orientation in space, and develops speech.

It also develops qualities such as dedication, organization and hard work. Even the most reserved children become more relaxed, open and sociable.

Systematic dance classes develop the figure proportionately, help eliminate a number of physical disabilities, and develop correct and beautiful posture.

Dancing lessons awakens creativity and makes it possible to realize these abilities through the harmony of movements. The child's self-esteem increases. He begins to believe that he is able to achieve something, to do something correctly and beautifully.

When working with younger students, it is necessary to take into account that they have not yet developed such qualities as perseverance, purposefulness, and discipline. Therefore, for children of this age, dance classes should be built on simple material accessible to children.

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* Time and day can be agreed depending on the wishes of the group

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Teenagers strive for self-expression, self-development and self-presentation. Adolescents strive for communication, for awareness of their individuality in the environment of their peers, feel the need for recognition and achievements.

Modern dance can satisfy these needs, since its main function is to express individuality by means of movement.

Pedagogical practice proves that it is modern dance that allows a teenager to get:

🎓more trust and openness.

🎓 development of creative personality

🎓development of plastics (emotional and motor expressiveness)

🎓the ability to improvise

🎓increasing the level of creativity

🎓recognition among peers

🎓 formation of adequate self-esteem

🎓 self-confidence

🎓striving for success

The result of the systematic practice of modern dance and improvisation in adolescents will be their inner development, creativity, creative thinking, release of clamps, embarrassment, greater trust and openness.

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* Time and day can be agreed depending on the wishes of the group

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