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Wedding Dance Lessons

No dancing experience needed! You can learn the wedding dance even without any dancing experience! 

We working individually,

for example we can work with different subjects: like how to dance more confident, how to not worry during the first dance


We will create unforgettable moments fo you with your  wedding  dance combination and adopt it to your level!

Our dancing studio is a great place, where you can have a good time. It has 2 changing rooms with showers for men and women, plus kitchen and relaxing area.


1. You choose the song for your wedding dance, this song, which you really like! It can be one-three songs, combined (remixed) together.

2. You can write your wishes and ideas about the dance and and mention the details, which is important for you!

Which dancing style do you like, do you want lifts/tricks or without them and ect.

Also your dress - is it long or short, it can also influence the choreography:-)

3. You send the song/link to us before the first lesson, we listening and coming up with ideas, which dancing style it can be (Walls, Rumba or Bachata and ect.) 

4. We making individual choreography specially for you and for your special song, so it will match with the music and also with your level, if you never danced before, it will be one option, but if you have been dancing before, it will be another choreography.

5. We agree about the day and time for the 1st lesson. Booking the room for the first training with prepayment of 150 kr. on MobailPay.

6. Making the first lesson trying the choreography if it is fits with your abilities,  and changing it, if it is necessary, and  make a schedule for the other lessons.


What if I have never danced before?

Does it make sense to start a wedding dance class?

Yes, of course there is! 90% of our students also never attended dance classes! It's not a problem! Our patient instructors will help beginners take the first steps in the dance and select a composition, so that they can dance it for sure. In addition, our classes are individual, we always adapt to the level of our students!

If I have dancing experience, but my partner isn’t?

Fine! In this case, you will save the nerves and time, spent on training your other half! After all, as a rule, patience is not always enough to teach your soul mate to dance, which leads to quarrels. Why do you need this before the wedding?

A great solution is to trust the professionals who will teach you to dance your other half, and they will make you a more complex composition, so both of you will be interested and occupied!

If we both danced before?

This is a great option! You will receive a dance composition, that will be musical and will contain interesting elements and complex lifts! This will save you time before the wedding, because you have enough other worries, right? Your friends dancers will certainly appreciate your wonderful idea and you will surprise your guests!

How many lessons we need?

How many dancing lessons you need, it depends, from many factors. You decide yourself, how many lessons you want, and you decide, when to finish the classes or continue for getting more details or improving your techniques.

Usually couples take 3-7 lessons (if it is only Waltz - they need only 1-2 lessons to learn the steps, if they want dancing combination, they need more time to learn it, it is 3-5 lessons, also if they want to clean up the details, make it perfect, and being more confident it is also longer, around 5-9 lessons
So depends from you, how fast you will learn and which dance combination you will choose.

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We offer wedding lessons with our dancing instructors.

The process is start from: you will choose your special song or our instructors can help with the choice. Than we will make a special and unique choreography for your song, it will be dance, which we made specially for your couple, according to you dancing experience.

You can choose your own Wedding dance style or choose some elements from the following styles:

Brudevals, Slow Waltz, Viennese Waltz.Standart-Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, Show-dance, Rumba.

Price: from 360 dkk for 60 minutes of the lesson (not including the room rent and choreography fee).

Wedding dance

Dance lessons with our teachers for creating your unforgettsble and unique first dance.


We want to create a nice memories for you in this corona times, where all the parties are cancelled, or celebrated online or had very limited spots.

We can create a wedding dance choreography and video clip for you! And you can dance in your wedding outfit and surprise with the video your relatives and friends!

You can choose any place in Copenhagen and dance, inside or outside, it can be also more, than one place! Also you can dance as many times as you want, so it will look perfect (we will also make a montage of the video – where we will choose the best moments of your dance).

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